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Music Therapy

What is music therapy?

Music therapy is a discipline

in which credentialed professionals (MTA*) use music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development,

health, and well-being.

Music therapists use music safely and ethically to

address human needs

within cognitive, communicative, emotional, musical, physical, social,

and spiritual domains.


*Music Therapist Accredited/Musicothérapeute accrédité


What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is the use of psychological methods, particularly when based on regular personal interaction, to help a person change behavior and overcome problems in desired ways. Psychotherapy aims to improve an individual's well-being and mental health,

to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions,

thoughts, or emotions, and

to improve relationships

and social skills.

Piano Tuning & Repair

Piano should be tuned

every 6 months. Contact

our professional tuner for a

quote and schedule an appointment now!

Drum Circle 

What is Drum Circle?

A drum circle is a rhythm-basedevent that utilizes a variety of hand drums and

percussion instruments

to empower a community

of participants with the

ability to create beautiful,
spontaneous music. Drumming and

cooperatively creating rhythmic based

music as part of a group

is a kinesthetic activity that
involves everyone

regardless of musical experience or ability.


We customize the

drumming activities for all occasions including,

birthday party, corporate team-building events and retreats, to name a few.

Music Class
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