Yamaha Music Education System

Listen - Sing - Play - Read - Create!

The world famous Yamaha Music Education System has been giving kids age 3-5 the best start on their musical journey for over 50 years in 40 countries around the world.


Perfect Harmony Music Studio is beyond excited to bring this World-class and comprehensive music education system to Mississauga and Brampton area.


Some highlights of the Yamaha Music Lessons we are offering:

  • 35 - 37 weeks sessions ( 8 Lessons Module for Tunes for Two)

  • Parent participation is required

  • Max. 8 Students per Class

  • Semi-Annual In-Class Concert

Tunes for Two (Age 2) - 3 Modules

The Tunes for Two Course for 2-year-olds uses a variety of fun exercises all with the verbal, social, and physical development of a 2-year-old in mind. We use song singing, fingerplay, and exploration of the keyboard, as well as high/low and loud/soft concepts. Movement to music is also integrated in this course. This course is designed to prelude the Music Wonderland course.  

Material Includes: 3 different Modules, 8-10 weeks per Module.

  • Text Book

Apple Course (Age 2) - 38 Weeks

Two-year-olds are filled with raw creativity and are without inhibitions, approaching everything with passion and curiosity. When given the right tools to express themselves, watch as their artistic flair takes over. Designed for two-year-olds, our lessons enable your toddler to enjoy music the fun way with you. We foster your little one’s love for music by teaching them how to “listen” through fun activities like singing, body movements and playing with rhythm. It’s a great way to spend quality time bonding with your little one!

Material Includes: 2 Terms, 18 weeks per Term

  • Yamaha Music School Carrying Bag

  • Text Book

  • Apple Course CD

Music Wonderland (Ages 3-4)

Music Wonderland is for ages 3 & 4 children and is a new program designed to prepare children for the Junior Music Course. In this class we are developing listening and rhythm skills through the keyboard, song singing, and music appreciation. We also use materials that are visually stimulating to compliment their growing curiosity.

Material includes:

  • Yamaha Music School Carrying Bag

  • Textbook (Full Color, printed in Japan)

  • Audio CD

  • Sticker Booklet

Junior Music Course (Ages 4-6)

Junior Music Course is a unique 4 year course for children starting at ages 4 & 5. This program is designed to give your child the best beginning possible for the development of basic music skills. The concept of this program is to Hear, Sing, Play, & Read. Emphasis is placed on ear training and developing musicianship. A variety of activities, including singing words and solfege, keyboard playing, ensembles and keyboard games are all part of the course. We are excited that there is also a large focus on parental interaction with your child.

Material Includes:

  • Yamaha Music School Carrying Bag

  • Textbooks (Full Color, printed in Japan)

  • Workbooks (Full Color, printed in Japan)

  • Staff & Keyboard Magnet Set (Imported from Japan)

  • 2 Audio CDs for Daily Listening (By World-famous orchestra)

  • 2 Animation DVDs (now replaced by Streaming platform)  for Daily Active Learning (By Award-Winning Animator)

Young Musicians Course (Ages 6-8)

Students will be involved in the following activities:

  • Singing

  • Ear training

  • Repertoire (keyboard pieces)

  • Ensemble playing (group performance)

  • Keyboard harmony

  • Arranging

  • Keyboard technique

  • Sight singing

  • Sight playing

  • Theory

Based on the concepts of Junior Music Course, Young Musicians Course (YMC)provides an ideal environment for children to be motivated by each other as they learn important musical skills including keyboard and piano performance, ensemble playing, improvisation, singing and reading of music.

The curriculum of YMC is methodically designed according to this age group's developmental traits with emphasis in hands coordination, aural training, rhythm perception and fingers dexterity. The comprehensive Young Musicians Course is a perfect choice to begin your child's music education.

Students at the end of the second year of YMC can choose to take Yamaha Grade 10 Examination. Graduates of YMC will participate in the Yamaha Grade 9 Examination to evaluate their accomplishments.

Students successfully completed the Young Musicians Course will advance to the Junior Advanced Course (JAC) to further their musical studies.

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