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All About Our Camps & Events

Perfect Harmony Music Studio thankfully has camps and events that are absolutely fun and jam-packed with amazing learning opportunities for all.

Kids in Art Class

Day Camps

Birthday Cake

Birthday Parties


HealthRHYTHMSDrum Circle

Sound Equipment

Music Production Camp (2024)

Spring, Summer, and More

At Perfect Harmony Music Studio, we understand that busy parents with young children are constantly stressed about keeping their kids engaged on PD Days, March Breaks, and Summer days! With this in mind, we offer day camps with balanced content between literacy, math, arts, and music without taking away the fun of learning.

A Birthday to Remember

Want to show off how much your child loves music and arts?


Consider hosting a music or arts-themed birthday party with their friends, guided by our experienced staff.  From musical storytelling to festive African drumming circles, to painting and crafts, we will make sure your guests have a blast at the best themed birthday party ever. 

It's All in the Rhythm

Be a part of rhythm-based event that 
involves everyone regardless of musical experience or ability. Drum circles empower a community of participants with the ability to create beautifully, spontaneous music. 
We customize the drumming activities for all occasions including, birthday parties, corporate team-building events, retreats, and more.

Unleash your creativity in audio and music production

Join us for an unforgettable experience where young minds explore the art of creating beats, mixing sounds, and producing their own music. Our expert instructors guide participants through hands-on activities, fostering creativity and building essential skills in a fun and collaborative environment. Whether a budding musician or a curious newcomer, this camp is the perfect platform to ignite a passion for music production and set the stage for future musical journeys.

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