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Celebrating the life of Oscar Peterson - the Jazz Legend

Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson's legendary career is being celebrated in a Heritage Minute. This was perfectly timed for the Black History Month - showcasing a series of the most influential people across Canada.

Historica Canada released the newest minute-long video showing Oscar Peterson's life as a seven-time Grammy winner from a working-class Montreal family to becoming a world-renowned piano legend.

Watch as the video features Peterson's experiences with success, like being known as "the man with four hands," as well as his encounters with racism during his jazz gigs in the 1940s. In 2007, Peterson died of kidney failure at the age of 82.

Take A Look! | Oscar Peterson Heritage Minute:

During Black History Month, let's honour and acknowledge the extraordinary work and contribution of our friends in the Black Communities nationally and internationally.

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Céline Peterson, daughter of Oscar Peterson said, "A huge part of my dad's story was racism, first at home and then around the world," She pointed out that it was especially prominent early in his career as he travelled the southern United States.

Peterson, who serves as producer of the Kensington Market Jazz Festival in Toronto, said the debut of her father's Heritage Minute during Black History Month is significant.

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