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Happy Marching Music Day

Let us March forth to the rhythm of life on Marching Music Day every March 4th. This day is about honouring the dedicated musicians and performers of many diverse styles and backgrounds. Marching Music Day celebrates all varieties of art forms that bring us “music on the move” (National Day Calendar).

For centuries, the beat of a drum has kept military units together in unison. From the training grounds to the battlefield, to the Broadway stage and to the football stadium.

Marching Roots & Current Technology

The military roots of the drum corps have evolved over time. Marching music is an art form that has the ability to perform delightful music and execute intricate routines with exact precision. Drill squads, marching bands, drum lines, and drum corps name but a few of the many styles of marching music. They engage hundreds of thousands of performers of all ages, abilities, and experience levels.

Overall, marching music keeps evolving! Technology has brought about the production of lighter, electronic and digital instruments making it possible for musicians to march with violins, cellos, basses, and synthesizers to entertain crowds in unique and creative new ways.

Whether it is through a school, an independent ensemble, or even virtually, feel free to tag #MarchForth #MarchingMusicDay to share your support on social media.



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