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How to Play with Both Hands for Beginner Pianists

The key to any intricate skill, such as playing the right hand part and the left hand part together, is to break it down into smaller segments and master each part individually. This will make it more possible and achievable.

Here's our Yamaha JMC2 student, Enzo playing "The Dove". A cool fact is that he composed the left hand accompaniment on his own as part of the Yamaha Curriculum ✨🎹 Check it out and enjoy!

Start with a Rhythm System

In most piano pieces, both right hand and left hand will have different rhythms. Let's focus on the rhythm. Find a table or any flat surface. Tap the rhythm of the left hand part of the song with your left hand. Then tap out the rhythm of the right hand part of the song with your right hand. Once you can do each part individually and confidently, try tapping the two parts together. Slowly but surely.

Be Patient, Keep Trying

This brings us to this fact:

Whatever you persist in doing, no matter how hard it is for you at first, will get easier and easier until it feels like it just comes naturally.

Playing with both hands together can be a bit challenging, so give yourself time to learn to do it. Always remember, break it up into smaller chunks, work on one part at a time, and then put it all together, slowly. Over time, you’ll be surprised at how it gets easier to play with both hands.



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