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Online vs. In person classes, which one is better?

Probably before Covid-19, you wouldn’t have considered the option of online classes as much. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, we are able to take remote classes anywhere at any given time or place that we desire. But with this option, which is better? Online class or in-person? How do I know which one is better for me?

Most likely you have experienced working from home at one point during the pandemic, either due to work or school. Some people benefited from online learning, not needing to relocate, creating their own type of environment to work in, and boosting their time management skills. People also realized how convenient online learning is. Not needing to wake up an hour beforehand in order to get ready, or to even be able to attend class when you're on vacation.

But a lot of people experienced a negative to online learning such as a lack of human interaction and causing social isolation. A lot of students found it difficult to self-motivate themselves and oftentimes left tasks unfinished or procrastinating.

In-person offers socialization with peers, fewer distractions, and an increase in concentration. The normal “structure” that everyone is used to, but there are negatives with it. Some of which are Increased exposure to Covid-19, classrooms needing to accommodate social distancing, and mask mandates. Overall it is not as flexible as virtual learning is now. Teachers had a strict schedule to follow which leaves students less support within the classroom. Limited interaction face to face with teachers.

So which one is right for me? Both in-person and online learning offer different accommodations depending on your need. Whether it's working from home or needing to socialize with peers, it all depends on what’s best for you and how you learn.

At Perfect Harmony, we are able to accommodate those in-person and online now with a wide variety of instruments and vocal lessons. We also have hybrid lessons available (a mixture of online and in-person learning). Sign up today for a free trial lesson at

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