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Memory Singing By Solfège Works!

The Yamaha Program does significant, intentional training to fine-tune and sharpen a child's ear using Solfege's method. Children can develop perfect pitch through this fixed-do solfege method.

What is Solfege, and why does Yamaha Music School use it? The study of singing and musicianship using seven syllables. DO RE MI FA SO LA TI! Solfège enables the musician to mentally hear the pitches of a piece of music that he or she sees for the first time and then sing them aloud. Solfège study also improves recognition of musical intervals (perfect fifths, minor sixths, etc.) and strengthens the understanding of music theory.

Read More: Learn to Sing - 7 Notes Yamaha Music School.

Why Singing Matters?

  • improves vocal range of singing voice

  • increases self-confidence

  • improves communication skills

  • increases ones sense of musicality

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