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What to expect from a music lesson?

When starting something new, how does one learn it? Whether it’s being self taught or lessons taught from others there are numerous ways to learn. But when it comes to music lessons, what happens in the classroom? Is it just playing and that’s it?! Well, I wish it was that simple. Music lessons go incredibly fast for a teacher and student as there are so many things to cover.

Starting from the beginning of class, you are greeted by your teacher who is ready to start the lesson! From there you either take up last week's homework, review back the pieces you played to see the improvements, and/or ask whatever questions you have.

After the review you’ll begin to work on your pieces or technique to improve your playing for next week and the cycle begins. Work to improve your playing as musicians may not be able to be perfect but we can come close to perfecting our talents.

But if you are starting lessons for the first time, lessons are a bit different. You become introduced to the instrument of your choice and from there the basics begin. A wide variety of information will be given whether it's how to sit up properly, how to hold the instrument, or learning the basic notes on the page. When starting lessons for the first time it can be overwhelming but an exciting process!

Here at Perfect Harmony Music Studio we offer passionate teachers who are just as eager as you or your child when it comes to music. We strive to make our studio like a second home to you. No matter the age, we’ve got something for everyone! We provide a wide range of music lessons to people of all ages and skill levels, including piano, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, guitar, cello, drums, trombone, violin and vocals.

Contact us today to learn more and sign up for a free demo.

Perfect Harmony Music Studio is located at 1055 Canadian Place (Unit 107) in Mississauga (Greater Toronto Area).

Call us at (905) 232-5454 Email us at Visit us online at for more information.

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