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YIP's Music Festival 2021 Results

Competing in Music Festivals and Competitions form part of the curriculum when teachers think the student is ready for it. But it is never the main focus of learning music. There is a considerable amount of evidence that competitions are beneficial to both children’s musical education and their overall development.

Through competition, students learnt the lifelong lesson that failure can occur, and when it does, they learn to ‘identify the problems, remedy the deficiencies, reset their goals, and grow from their experiences.’ (Dr Sylvia Rimm, Psychologist)

We have selected a handful of students to participate in the YIP’s Music Festival in April 2021 and have received exciting results!

Our students worked very hard preparing for this competition. They received excellent comments, feedback and certificate(s) from the Adjudicator!

Big Congratulations to:

  • Charlotte Chan

  • Davis Tang

  • Elkan Liu

  • Welton Leung

  • Jayden Chau (2nd Place - Group A - Level 2)

  • Nathan Patterson (3rd Place - Group SD - Level 2)

  • Nathan Patterson (3rd Place Group A - Level 3)

  • Abigail Natnat (3rd Place - Group C - Level 5)

Thank you for making us proud!!!!

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