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Young Musicians Course

Young Musicians Course (Ages 6 - 8)
Full Year Program
September - June
January - December (Jul & Aug off)
Class duration: 55 min
Max class size: 8 students

The Young Musicians Course is a great way for children to begin a lifetime enjoyment of music. The three-year curriculum develops musicianship and keyboard playing skills with wonderful materials written specifically for beginners of this age. Through a variety of activities, each student is able to develop and enjoy: ear training, singing, solo repertoire, ensemble playing, keyboard harmony, arranging and music theory. Skills such as these are valuable and transfer to many other facets of learning.

Lyric Singing

Children learn different styles of music and express them through singing.

Memory Singing by Solfege

Children sing a rich variety of music in solfege (Do-Re-Mi). When these pieces are memorized, an absolute/relative pitch sense is developed in children. This helps children to learn music by ear and be able to reproduce music they hear by singing or on the keyboard. This is an invaluable gift in their life-long journey of music endeavours.

Keyboard Playing

Unlike the Junior Music Course, the Young Musicians Course students learn keyboard playing through singing and/or reading notes. Finger strength/ motor skills are developed in this process. A sense of harmony is also developed as children learn how to play chords to match the melody. Children then learn how to play in an ensemble and eventually playing hands together.

Rhythm Ensemble/Rhythm Step

Children learn rhythms through body movements and playing percussion instruments to different styles of music.

Music Rudiments

Children are introduced to the theory of music as well as the basis for reading notes.

Young Musicians Course: Activities
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