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5 Best Practice Tips You Can Try at Home

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

1. Be in the right perspective

Keep your mindset focused on the instrument. Always make sure your focus is towards the learning aspect.

2. Spend time with your chosen instrument

It is super important to make sure your instrument is always in proper tuning as well as condition. Where you store it before and after practices is truly essential in making it last long.

3. Set Small, achievable Goals

The term I like to use here is small donut goals. These goals should be easy to achieve and should allow you to get motivated and inspired to do more. Practice makes progress. Little progress is indeed, still progress.

4. Warm up

Imagine a world where Olympians never spent a second warming up, stretching and conditioning their body before the Olympic Championships. That would be utterly insane! They are literally setting themselves up for failure. Same goes with musicians! It is highly vital to warm up before, during, and after practicing.

5. Record Your Progress

Each progress should be considered important because it gives the learner a sense of success and achievement. Recording practice sessions is very important for the music learner to visualize and make notes of what their progress looks like from beginning to the current. This also helps the learner embrace their mistakes and failures as much as they embrace their achievements.

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