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What is a Drum Circle and why does it matter? #FindOut

Let's first understand what a Drum Circle actually is... (Watch this fun little video!)

This is really exciting! Our studio director from the Perfect Harmony Music Studio team, Sam is a certified drum circle facilitator!

His passion is to bring support and wellness to Canadians through drum circle facilitations.

​"I grew up in a musical family and started my training at the age of 3. I believe in the universal power of music and have personally witnessed how music can sweeten one’s life through music therapy sessions." - Sam

Facilitated group drumming sessions are not only fun to begin with but more and more scientific studies suggests that group drumming can bring positive impacts not only to individuals, but also to Corporate organizations and religious groups. -

Sam has been in contract with various long term care facilities, businesses and schools across the GTA to provide regular fun and interactive drum circle services.

On another note, amazing news:

Join Perfect Harmony Music, team, and the rest of the World this July 1, 2021 at 1pm EST to set a new Guinness World Records™ title of: “Most People Performing a Drum Roll Online Simultaneously”.




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