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What is the easiest instrument to learn for beginners?

You might have heard from friends or family various answers to which instrument is the easiest to learn. Whether it is piano, violin, drums, guitar, etc. Which one is the easiest in terms of for beginners you might ask?

A wide variety of instruments, the top 3 that I will be introducing are meant for beginners of all ages are piano, drums and ukulele.

The piano is a universal instrument that just about anyone can learn how to play. By being able to read notes for the piano, you will be able to read notes for most other instruments. It is a good building block for anyone to either play solo or within a band or group.

The drums are also very friendly for beginners. “If you find that you pick up rhythms quickly, you have natural coordination, and you can clap in time” then the drums are the perfect beginner instrument for you.

And finally we have the ukulele. Since the ukulele only has 4 strings, it makes it easier to play in tune, the soft nylon strings are an added bonus as it does not create finger pain like the guitar or violin would. The size of the ukulele compared to other instruments makes it portable and makes reaching notes a breeze.

At Perfect Harmony Music, we strive to make music inclusive for everyone. No matter the age, we’ve got something for everyone! We provide a wide range of music lessons to people of all ages and skill levels, including piano, keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele, guitar, cello, drums, trombone, violin and vocals.

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Perfect Harmony Music Studio is located at 1055 Canadian Place (Unit 107) in Mississauga (Greater Toronto Area). Call us at (905) 232-5454

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